Project brief
Ligatus is a native advertising company, providing solutions for brands, publishers, and programmatic ad buyers. 
Ligatus' Self-booking tool allows small business owners to run advertising campaigns autonomously. Designed several years ago, the tool had grown clunky, both in code and design: it needed to be freshened up and become a practical, efficient tool again.
As the internal design team, we knew there were several web tools used by Ligatus employees that would benefit from a consistent UI and UX. With that in mind, we decided to use the redesign of the Self-booking tool as an opportunity to build a MVP of our Design System. 
Usability overview of the current tool + user survey
Complete prototypes of the campaign creation and campaign management flows + design documentation & dev handouts 
Design system
Library file (Adobe XD) containing all text, color styles + component lists + icon library 

First-time collaboration
This was our first project working so closely with our Product and Dev teams, and work processes were yet to be defined and tried out.
Picturing a tool that doesn't exist yet 
A campaign management platform is complex in itself,  and we needed to have a clear mental picture of the new tool's functionalities, constraints, and data.

Iterate on everything
Including the way we collaborated: our prototypes and handouts evolved to match the POs and developers needs.
Create a shared vision
We bridged the gap between user stories and concrete mockups with flowcharts, documentation and storytelling documents, making sure we were always aligned with POs.

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